(n.) Slang term for vagina.
"I got all up in her monkey last night."
by Dave800 July 17, 2006
Keep that monkey away from me. I hate it! The last time it was here, My walls got a poop redecorating!
by Orangatang July 31, 2006
1)hairy creatures, often described as cheeky. God only knows why, as all they do is eat bannanas, steal things, pull car ariels off, and fling poo. And thats not cheeky. Thats anarchy

2)To be "monkeyed", incredibly stoned or drunk, to the point at one one becomes completely incomprehensible and scampers around on all fours

3) slang term for genitals

4)cockney slang for £500

5)usually affectionate term for an aquaintance
1)Shit! That bastard monkey just stole my cigarettes and then threw crap on my car!

2)yo dude, you were so fukin monkeyed last night!


Yeh man, you were babblin lik a bitch an scamperin round for hours!!! Then you blacked out...

3)yo, her monkey is tight!
His monkeys supposed to be twelve inches!

4)OI! You owe me a monkey u dirteh lickle slag!

5)You lil' monkey!
by the all knowing dude August 31, 2005
1. Hot, attractive (often applies to members of the Checks)
2. Just generally great
You think Sven is monkey but I know Jacob is way monkeyer.
If we went to that gig it would be so monkey.
by Mims May 07, 2005
woman with excessive pubic hair.
"when she took off her underwear, it looked like a monkey was hugging her waist!"
by m-dogg March 19, 2005
What my best friend's sister sounds like. And if she sees this, she'll kill him. Muahahahaha!
Me: What was that noise? Was that your dog?
Him: Nah, that was my sister.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
Wonderful creature that is often found running around Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Did you just see the monkey on X?
by Patrik April 02, 2003
n. Not a piano

adj. Lacking qualification in order to be considered chicken
n. "Not a piano".

adj. "When I breathe purple comes out".
by Glennifer May 08, 2005

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