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1)hairy creatures, often described as cheeky. God only knows why, as all they do is eat bannanas, steal things, pull car ariels off, and fling poo. And thats not cheeky. Thats anarchy

2)To be "monkeyed", incredibly stoned or drunk, to the point at one one becomes completely incomprehensible and scampers around on all fours

3) slang term for genitals

4)cockney slang for £500

5)usually affectionate term for an aquaintance
1)Shit! That bastard monkey just stole my cigarettes and then threw crap on my car!

2)yo dude, you were so fukin monkeyed last night!


Yeh man, you were babblin lik a bitch an scamperin round for hours!!! Then you blacked out...

3)yo, her monkey is tight!
His monkeys supposed to be twelve inches!

4)OI! You owe me a monkey u dirteh lickle slag!

5)You lil' monkey!
by the all knowing dude August 31, 2005
My friend got called 'Scriptmonkey' by the ICT technicians because of all the scripting he does. This name is actually a hacker term although my friend doesn't do that sort of stuff, the ICT technicians just accuse us of stuff we DON'T do. (Monkey = one hacker, Monkies = group of hackers)
oMG £ooK @ 7H4t 1337 M0nK3y!!
by JigsWithoutWoodstock February 10, 2005
smelly, squirmy, jumpy, fidgety, lovable, baby Aaron
The monkey made silly noises until the keeper gave him his candy.
by bean June 29, 2004
A non preverted way to say cock, dick, ect...
Sangrizz: My monkey is long and hard
Estevan: Really? What kind of monkey is it, Spider Monkey?
Sangrizz: Wow...faggot...why dont you go to urbandictionary.com more often. Go into the bathroom and slit your wrists.
by Sangrizz January 27, 2004
a boy with a structured face what gives hints to relations with a jungle creature. Usually with big ears, and a big pointy lips.
Wipe that smile off your monkey face...
by Chan March 05, 2003
what all guys in the world should be called. some are so god-damn DUMB! its hard to believe that their of the same species!
Monkey! Get over here with my damn bags cuz i got a hell of a lot more shopping to do!
by Karina M April 01, 2008
slang for a nigger, or african american. People with big nose and big lips resembling gorilla or chimpanzee family.
"you are talking about that monkey man? psst "

"Porch monkey sneaked in my house and stole my t.v."
by ryandyan September 19, 2007
Meaning Hairy Vagina
"trying to get to you and that monkey"
by jaydagurl August 17, 2006