A term used to describe certain people with monkey-like features. Large ears, hairy arms and or knuckles, a vagin that hang like sleeve of wizard are all signs of a monkey fist. Often times they will also have short hair (if a female monkey fist), and they will also have a chronic armpit scratching disorder or CASD.
"I can't believe that Cory hangs out with John..."
"Yeah, but his sister hangs out with Monkey Fist, so that's even worse."
by MAMF(millions against M. Fist) April 21, 2010
Top Definition
When a man defecates in his hand, then squeezes it so that the feces leaks out from between the fingers, and thrusts it into the vagina or ass of his partner.
Bill: Hey, John, have you met my new girlfriend?
John: I hate to tell you this, dude, but I used to totally monkey fist her.
Bill: That's disgusting. And kinky.
by E. Barrett March 07, 2008
Hammering, throwing, kicking, or otherwise abusing equipment due to a complete and blatant ignorance on how to repair it. The monkey fister is most often seen pounding on his keyboard when it is in fact his computer that is malfunctioning or, slamming his cellphone against the wall when he's in the boonies and can't get service.
I don't need another schmuck in my machine monkey fisting the works. I brought my last computer to that kid off craigslist just to get the email working and now I need a new motherboard. . .
by Matthew Kastor August 16, 2012
To take your balled up fist and shove into a woman's vagina wrist deep. Once fully inserted you splay your fingers open and it causes her to squeal like a chimpanzee being eaten by a lion in the African bush.
Troy said he monkey fisted that chick so deep that he thought she was a primate.
by TroyG_TheGC_lookalike March 31, 2010
A villain from the disney channel cartoon, "Kim Possible". It is also a term used to call or describe someone with features much similar to those of a monkey.

Also interchangeable with "Gorilla face"
"Dude, look at monkey fist over there!"

"Holy shit man; I thought that was someone's pet."
by ssayarath April 18, 2010
A very small vagina. Also known as a monklet in extreme south Alabama. Opposite of a vagiant.
Ball up your fist and look at the little hole your pointer finger makes. Imagine a rhesus monkey doing it.

How was your date? Big pussy? No, she had a monkey fist.
by EchoFree October 04, 2007
Plainly put: A raging erection. An erection at the point when the penis cannot become any more erect.
I woke up this morning with a huge monkey fist. I could hardly get out of bed.
by Alistair Finch July 29, 2006

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