to get dropped and knocked out cold like a complete bitch
yo bro mike monked the kid, i mean he friggin slumped him he had him praying to god.
by adamfrigginmonked April 16, 2011

1. To have ones purpose altered using illegitimate methods of justification.
2. To cripple or render useless
3. To be striped of defenses
4. Weaker then all else in every aspect
5. Being forced to alter ones methods
6. To be stricken harder then others
Sony Online Entertainment really monked us up.
by Xeal January 14, 2004
by Asian Sensation August 02, 2003
Getting owned (verbally or physically) by a monk
Jay Jay: *Came across a monk in a temple and donated money to him*

The next hour , the monk was found driving in a mercedez

Jay Jay: WOW! i got monked
by MonkJJ June 03, 2010
To be so spun the fuck out, one can't even think straight. I.E.: PIPE DRUNK
fuck I'm monked out, me and Brad kept on hitting up bowl after bowl, after bowl of these shards, man, i can't even fucking move? wait a minute, am I thinking out loud? Did I just say that I was thinking to myself? Did he hear what I was thinking?
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop October 18, 2007
Based on the TV show detective Monk, to be excessively OCD or focused on something.
I am totaly monked about losing my cell phone.
by Gargoyle! February 24, 2006
Psuedonyms at: stoned and monged

Torbay, Devonshire, twang for the state of being under the influence of Ganja to the point of near-coma.
"I had 40 shotties last night. I was monked."
by Goodfoot April 09, 2004

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