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An extremely gorgeous woman. She has big beautiful eyes, a smile to die for and luscious lips. Monic's will usually have fake friends who secretly hate. Monic's are exotic looking, have an amazing personality, are smart and have a natural charm. They have beauty AND brains. You'll always have fun with a Monic no matter where you are or what you're doing. She's a great friend and an amazing lover. She can be the sweetest girl you'll ever meet but be careful; when she gets mad, stay away. They can also be heartbreakers but not intentionally. Once a man finds a Monic they never want to let them go. If you have a Monic as a friend or especially as a lover, you are one lucky person because they are practically perfect.
Wow, I really want to be like Monic.
by Rob0201 October 13, 2011
A type of ecstacy related to blue pokeballs
Dude I am ALL up on monic
by daydreday November 22, 2010
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