a complete and total retard, one who lets all insults go 'woop-woop' over their stupid inbred retard mind.
you:hey you fuckin retarded monga!
monga:yer? me?
you: hey um, your mum said that i was the best thing she ever had, but like tell her to fuck off coz she'll scare off all the tight little cheerleaders.
monga:my mummy says im the coolest person in school.
you:well then tell your mum shes also an idiot for thinking that.
by Bernard P June 19, 2007
Top Definition
Without an erection. Sometimes used as a term for a dumb person. In the sense of that he is so dumb and stupid that they did him up the butt Monga.
Lo metieron Monga.
They stuck it Monga.

El esta Monga.
He is Monga.
by Jetbori May 18, 2007
A socially inept cockfag who goes to university.
Shutup Monga!
Monga, you're a fag!
Monga, stop being a tryhard!!
Monga you're not black, stop acting like it!!!
by AdamWest September 19, 2006
Derived from the term 'mongol', to describe someone who has downs syndrome (retard).
You utter monga
by fred smith March 07, 2003
Mongas are strips of facial hair grown on the side of the face to attract girls. See: sideburns
Cabbage has nice mongas, but Murda's are poor.
by morrie August 25, 2004
a word to put in front of a word in place of very
1."That girl was monga hott"
2. "That bitch is monga big"
by Austin_58 May 29, 2007
A surfer from the peninsula in the eighties that hung out and partied hard together
You are all a bunch of Monga's
by Monga's January 06, 2005
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