Mong means either:
1. idiotic person
2. putrid smell
3. to laze around in a lazy manner
4. when somethings rather bad...
1. 'You're such a Mong!'
2. 'your perfume Mongs woman!'
3. 'Shall we go Mong somwhere?'
4. 'By jove mother, yopur cooking MONGS!'
by KingJen July 28, 2004
Originally used in veiled reference to the Coolest Guy on Earth; just as in Jewish scriptures, it is forbidden to reveal the true name of such an omnipotent deity.

Common usage is now to denote an individual whom one believes to be a thin shadow of the true Mong, a small fragment of the greatest being in existence. It is an extreme honor and privilege to be awarded this title; only the best and bravest in any given culture will ever recieve it.'re...Mong!

Only Mong could complete such a task.
by MONG April 28, 2004
the word 'mong' means retard, commonly used as an insult
The person who is reading this is a mong
by Jazz Donkey April 06, 2004
noun "mong"


the act of being monged out on a bed or chair


a place where it is possible for you to mong
"Eric went for a mong upstairs"

"I've been standing for ages, are there no decent mongs in this shithole?
by Kirkham November 21, 2003
greatest guy in the world.
there's another mong, i want to be just like him!!
by mong November 08, 2003
1. An idiot;
2. An Asshole;
3. A penis rack.
I just bought myselg a new Mong the other day!
by AB August 28, 2003
'Mong' or 'Mong Out;'
Being lean to a state where sleep is imminent. Eyes are closin fast.

'Put a film on so I can Mong out.'
'I'm monging.'

also, conk out, wrong out and zonk out
by devine_dj August 18, 2003
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