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noun "mong"


the act of being monged out on a bed or chair


a place where it is possible for you to mong
"Eric went for a mong upstairs"

"I've been standing for ages, are there no decent mongs in this shithole?
by Kirkham November 21, 2003
15 26
1. An idiot;
2. An Asshole;
3. A penis rack.
I just bought myselg a new Mong the other day!
by AB August 28, 2003
9 20
'Mong' or 'Mong Out;'
Being lean to a state where sleep is imminent. Eyes are closin fast.

'Put a film on so I can Mong out.'
'I'm monging.'

also, conk out, wrong out and zonk out
by devine_dj August 18, 2003
13 24
a human that lacks in social class, respect,friends and a decent personality. a total moron.
you fucking mong. go drink ur own sludgy poo
by little miss dotty March 20, 2003
13 24
- a total fuck wit they are stupid without realising usually when drunk or high.
- when someone places there mouth over the genitals of a dead female corpse and another person jumps on their stomach the dead corpses insides (blood and guts) come out of their genitals.
A: you just tripped over that step you complete mong!
B: soz im drunk
by loolfactor May 17, 2010
2 14
man thong
I have see through pants, so I have to wear my mong.
by mong man May 08, 2009
10 22
Someone who intentionally starts and/or causes fights on an internet forum, from "hate-mongering" but generally includes more subtle forms of "monging" like baiting someone who is oversensitive or sure to be insulted by the mong's remarks.

Also encompasses the other form of monging where the monger mongs the forum by posting general crap about generally not much. The mongee need not be offended by this, but may still be taken out by the wasted time of opening yet another thread laced with mong juice. (contributed by Ben) always picking fights with people, what a mong

The worst ever mong of all,was a legendary mong people feared and had trouble with he gained repeated complaints.
That mong was none other than KING MONG. (contributed by Pathos)
by EvylShnukums February 19, 2009
15 27