One who is sexy and derives income from the earnings of a prostitute usually by soliciting business.
"Dang! that girl just got monged."
"Man.. you sure are mongin' today"
by Seth February 09, 2005
Short for mongrel. A term usually used to describe someone who goes off with your ex boyfriend the minute you split up. At the same time she is also a 0 rating on the stunning scale and can often look like a ugly dog or horse. The mong also tends to buzz off presents you bought the ex, unknown to her.
How did you break up?
Oh he went off with a mong.
A Mong?
Yes, apparently a dog was let loose out of the kennels.
by scoopdapoop June 19, 2011
Male thong. Also called a banana hammock. Places seen: Beach, Mall, Bending over.
Hey Tim, check out that guy in the MONG! or
Did you see his MONG when he bent over?
by jgleblanc April 24, 2008
When one gets fucked from the back whilst bent over giving the other male a blowjob felatio. A girl, (or boy depending) is bent over. Two males are on either side of this person. On one end, a male is fucking a girl in the vagina or ass, while she gives the male on the other side a blowjob. During all of this, they push the girls body back and forth so she has to expell no effort. So, its like a dirty threesome.
"Dude, me and Kyle totally monged her the other night"
"The one with the drawn on eyebrows?"
"Yeah, wanna mong?"
by Taraaaaaa September 09, 2006
The stuff that comes out of a dead pregnant woman's box when you push down on her gut.
Yo eat mong, bitch...
You're mong...
by Rip Ride July 06, 2006
To relax or chill out
ah, I'm fucking tired, time to mong.......
by Zoomungus November 27, 2014
Hey your such a mong you make NikeOnPoint look normal
by lelelelelelelel September 09, 2014

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