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A shortened version of the Shakespearian insult 'fish monger' from Hamlet directed at Polonius. There is debate to what the original meaning was but it usually donates to the nature of the fishmongers of the time who were money grabbing, corrupt, stereotypically simple and of low moral fiber. So mong generally refers to a despicable and or stupid person.

(Disclaimer: this is not a stab at anybody associated with the fishing industry. it is just an interpretation of another mans writing and opinions)
"you complete and utter Mong"
"You can't stick that there, you mong!"
by Kaiser_Sma August 26, 2004
32 47
Used to articulate undefinable/unspeakable acts of simmering homoerotisism between two coworkers or between an animal or object.
John and JC mong in the store basement during lunch breaks.

"JC, wanna Mong?" asked John

JC's first time monging was with a bushy haired gray squirrel

by Brdkelli August 11, 2003
6 21
a man thong or a thong that a man might wear
eww his mong was poka dottted
by nat March 06, 2005
13 29
1) An extremely idiotic and/or stupid person.
2) Dafydd.
1) "Dafydd is a mong."
2) "Dafydd is a mong."
by bob April 23, 2005
12 29
a female that is ususly fat and ugely
rob i can not beleve you fuckt emma
she is such a mong
by the fanny wrangeler March 28, 2003
7 24
verb "to mong"

to be in a deep state of relaxed wakefulness, often induced by the excessive use of alcohol or drugs.
"I've drank bare already, I need to mong"
by Kirkham November 21, 2003
79 97
1: cool
2: amusing
3: amazing
1: "that persons hair is so mong"
2: "this game is quite mong"
3: "look at that! its mong."
by meghan and smee August 03, 2005
6 25