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Someone with the in-ability to comprehand that of which normal people can; to be delayed, impeded or proceed slowly.
Johnny: "Yo man, that nig looks shezzey."
Robert: "Fo real? that niggah be trippin aight to mezzey."
(robert walks over to suspected retard)
Robert: "Jo dude, sarp?!"
Suspect: "Ma as fop awj fsa'd?"
Robert: "..."
by fjeer May 03, 2003
- a total fuck wit they are stupid without realising usually when drunk or high.
- when someone places there mouth over the genitals of a dead female corpse and another person jumps on their stomach the dead corpses insides (blood and guts) come out of their genitals.
A: you just tripped over that step you complete mong!
B: soz im drunk
by loolfactor May 17, 2010
1. A word used mainly by idiotic teenagers to describe a complete retard. Short for mongol. Is mongol short for Mongolian? I'm not sure.

2. Contraction of man thong (a thong made for or worn by a male).
1. "Get your shoes off your hands you mong!"

2. "Does this new mong make my ass look big?"
by Zelda199 February 20, 2007
(n.) Short for mongers.
Describing people who bring something,usually a bad feeling or comment to a setting or arena.
"I was walking down the street when a bunch of dork mongs whistled at me and said "girl, that skirt look GOOD!"
by angela devoti January 16, 2006
the word 'mong' means retard, commonly used as an insult
The person who is reading this is a mong
by Jazz Donkey April 06, 2004
A Mong is a Man Thong. I am amazed that no one has yet named this repulsive item.
Dude, I went to the French Riviera looking for hot naked chicks but instead I saw a bunch of guys bearing their nasty hairy asses and wearing mongs. Makes me glad to be an American!
by Rooster_D January 26, 2008
To relax, chill out, 'veg' out, do nothing of importance or use but purely to rest body & mind.

I'm absoloutely exhausted so I wont come out tonight, I'll just stay in & mong.
by anodenzyme August 19, 2006