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A Mong is 6 foot odd of genuine idiot. He will ride a motorbike and drink beer. Usually named Dave, he is quick to temper yet normally wont do anything about it as he does not want to stand up because he has soiled himself. He will make outragous statments like "I invented the full stop" and accuse rocks of slagging him behind his back. Legend has it that Mong once smoked so much dope that he tripped out and thought he was a carpet salesman from ashbourne. He has little time for women and will not engage them in conversation unless they are offering sexual services for a decent price. He has a few friend's of his own choosing, usually made up of parinod, rapist hillfolk and slow dim-witted friends of his geeky brother.

Mong ya prick!! ya ate all the fuckin cake.......

Mong is that smell your ass?
by Lotharrr November 27, 2007
28 39
Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebal ability. General retardation.
Generally: a total spastic
No I don't need you to help me with my supermarket trolley, you fucking mong
by Steve October 28, 2003
2138 649
1. (Mong)- Slang for spastic, but used against a person who says or does something completely idiotic by accident or without realisation. This makes every witness simultaneously raise their hands to their shoulders and shake 'em while sticking their tongue in their lower lip and making 'urrgh' noises.

2. (Monged)- A vegetive state of mind/being usually effective after consuming large quantities of alcohol, weed, lsd, ecstacy etc or combinations of.
1. Steve you mong, you've just poured the kettle onto ya cornflakes.

2. Steve's well monged after we spiked his drink with acid, muhahahaha.
by Safecracker G October 15, 2004
900 494
Mong is short for 'mongoloid', which was originally an anachronistic term for a Down's Syndrome sufferer. The modern Mong however is a total fuckwit, who deserves nothing less than complete humiliation for their idiocy. That includes all those dope smokers too, who relate being 'monged' to being chilled and mellow. Its because when you're stoned you act like a fucking retard, you fucking spazzes!
"You spilt yer pint all over my strides, you FUCKING MONG! I'LL KICK YER FUCKING CUNT IN!"
by Savage Henry August 12, 2004
808 466
Derogatory verb commonly used to describe the state of one's lack of common sense.
1) You are such a fucking mong.
by Gavyn August 27, 2004
307 293
an insult to somebody who is acting stupid or annoying
your pissing me off mong!
by hol October 29, 2004
39 41
Descriptive noun. Short form of mongoloid.
Someone suffering mental handicap. Particularly Joey Deacon.
Precursor to meng, ming, minger q.v.
Passive racist term.
You mong.
by Richie December 11, 2003
33 38
Similar to the revealing undergarment women wear called thongs, a Mong is a Man-Thong.
Hey Bro, remember that one time when we went to the beach with your Mom and got drunk in our Mongs and I made out with your Grandma?
by Michaelo Casselo February 03, 2014
3 10