noun, a cool guy who's real name is Armondo
Mondo and I played pool and drank beer all night.
by armondo March 24, 2004
Someone you do not like or appreciate. Someone who is a backstabber and a liar.
Why did you mondo me like that?
by darren garcia October 02, 2013
To experience a severe and violent episode of withdrawal as a result of not using Facebook.
Matthew hasn't checked Facebook today, so he's over on the floor sweating profusely and bleeding from the eyes and mouth. He's totally gone mondo.
by osujoe May 19, 2011
Contrary to popular belief, Mondo is NOT a word for any occasion. It is of Italian origin and means something along the line of "World"
Mondo Cane = "dogs world" or "a world of dogs"
by thealmightywangmaster May 28, 2004
modo, simply said, is the ultimate adjective/adverb. It can be used in any sentence and it makes it totally awesome
That roller coaster was mondo, man; That test was mondo hard
by Fabio April 17, 2003
A word that may be used as either an adjective or a noun.

As an adjective:
Used to describe a person or thing that is extremely flamboyant in nature.

As a noun:
A person that has very feminine qualities. May also be used to describe a variety of squeeze drinks.

mondoness, mondolicious

"That kilt is so mondo!"


Person: "You're such a mondo!"
Drink: "Let me take a sip of that mondo"
by Alex January 07, 2005
A word used to describe something off the so called chain.Usually affiliated with people who are of the white race and of the no friend or acting clique.
Many people have no need for this word
Paris Hilton is Mondo cool
by Jimmy Kudo May 30, 2007

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