"Dude, you're so Mondo."
by RickAKATeddy February 03, 2010
Adjective: Enormous; huge, colossal, gargantuan, ample in size, super colossal, thundering, tremendous, vast, voluminous, walloping, whopper, whopping
P: Yo G make me some food

G: Why

P: I just took a mondo L to the face
by ChRiS 3 August 16, 2009
means to get amazingly high ... smokin to the limit
"Let's go fuckin mondo!"
by Brobes June 25, 2007
Italian word for WORLD or FASHIONABLE SOCIETY. Became popular in 50's Beat culture after the European cinema boom of the same era.
by fulcrum central July 30, 2003
Mondo means "world class" in Italian and is best used as an adverb to amplify or emphasize adjectives or verbs, i.e. "that chick's butt is mondo juicy" or "I was mondo chillin' with Kelly last night" Simply using mondo to modify a noun i.e. "that's a mondo car" IS FUCKING LAME!!!
A mondo killer wave
That bitch is mondo gorgeous
Dude you were mondo snoring last night
by Bigmoemiami December 29, 2008
is a prefix used to add an emphasis on a large amount
man this tv show is mondo-gay
by cram sebrof sregor October 15, 2006
a generic squeeze-it drink
Hey dude, pass me a mondo
by Anonymous May 31, 2003

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