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when you and a lovely woman or man are having intercor- sex! you bust your fat nutt into her mouth and kick her in the shin. then with your left foot you kick her in the cooch.(: thus causing her much pain and confusion. sometimes she will hurt her self in confusion other times she will spit out your nutt like a donkey. this is when you stop everything, pick up what you can of your nutt, sprinkle in on your toe, then you stick your toe into her cooch. 9 months later you will have an egg. you must crack then suddy side up frie the egg on a sunday. you then accuire the move Mondo Donkey Sunday Kick. you are now aloud to teach this move to one of your special pokemon. (can only be learned once) Move takes out 1000000 hp. or a one hit k-o. but your pokemon gets a raging hard on thus causing its attack, defense, speed, to go down, but its horneyness to sharply rise twice. See Mondo Donkey Saturday Punch (orriginated in Mexico in a mexican poptart plant while splicing febreze and semen)
Dude! Your Deoxys knows "Mondo Donkey Sunday Kick"!! No way!! Attack pikachu with it! Holy poo, he did a cartwheel and dodged it just like in episode 256!
by VagAttackoftheInceptionVoyage January 01, 2011
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