"Good from far but far from good"

a woman that is attractive from far away, but upon closer review turns out to be the total opposite.
This cute girl was looking at me from across the room, but when I went to go talk to her it turns out she's a mona lisa. Also, I'm a sexist dickhead.
by anon November 19, 2004
When you are about to cum and you pull out and bust on her face and rub it in. Beautiful like the Mona Lisa.
No baby I don't want a Mona Lisa, I'll just swallow it. I just washed my face.
by Ronnie B Cool October 15, 2010
a girl who is hot from far away, but ugly up close.(just like the painting, looks nice from far away, but cracked and ugly up close)
Lets go talk that girl. O, wait hell no shes a mona lisa.
by dfs2477 September 17, 2007
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