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Someone who immediately goes after a person's mother if you talk smack to them
Unsuspecting jokester: Hey, 1982 called and said it wants that shirt back.

Mommer: Oh yeah, that's not what your mother said when I was nailing her last night.

Unsuspecting jokester: Huh?
by ITGuy1972 May 18, 2010
3 7
An Appalachian term for mother.
I love you, Mommer' 'How's your Mommer an them?'
by Longhairedcountrygirl August 21, 2010
20 7
one who nails the mothers of other people
jas and trevor are the ultimate mommers, they've got about 60 of them
by jastrevchahalsails July 08, 2005
11 13