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v. The act of trading sexual encounters with a friend's mother in exchange for one with yours. Plural form: Mom-party.
Dude X: "Dude, you know you owe me a bottle of DVX..."

Dude Y: "Motherfucker, I ain't gettin' paid 'till Tuesday!"

Dude X: "Like I givva fuck! Where's my money, bitch?!"

Dude Y: "You know.....haha, in my momma's puss-aye! You wanna Mom swap, an' forget about all this?!"

Dude X: "Fuck yeah I do! I'm sickah hearin' ol' mawms complain to me about the lack of dick in this town, Gee! But you know how it is...."

Dude Y: "What, choo' think I'm sumkineuh dumbass or some shiugh?! Fuck yeah I'm down, yo mah's hella fine! Like, straight cougah, ya know?! We're mom swappin'!"
by Droogans January 20, 2010