One who is of the extreme gay variety, can also be described as a "fairy" or "drug addict", one to be avoided in the corridor otherwise you will be forced into conversations about such things as dildos, or rhosneigr
"can you see that gay face over there?"

"yeah hes a right molyneux"
by writingstupidthings April 27, 2009
Top Definition
To not deliver to previous promises made regarding the development of something.

To not meet high expectations set by the person (the Molyneux).
The developers of that game really pulled a Molyneux this time.

It looked so good - it turned out to be nothing more than Molyneux.
by BB747 March 11, 2009
A Molyneux is a unit of measurement of skepticism and general unimpressedness
That movie review was at least 5 Molyneuxs.
by R_m March 16, 2010
One who is beastly / pro.
'Phwoar, he's a molyneux'.
by Ffip November 17, 2008
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