Mollywhop-(V.)1.When a grown man beats another grown man as if he were a girl under the age of 10.
Getting mollywhopped is not a regular beatdown, but a beating where the victim is so physically or mentally incapable of fighting back they go down like a little bitch
by R.Bernal March 02, 2009
A severly lop-sided sided fight where one party get the shit beat out of them while the other person does the beating!
Did you see the fight? That dude doubled as a punching bag, he didnt even get a throw in, damn he got molly whopped!
by Rone December 01, 2004
Widely used in the Bay Area, means to whoop/beat down someone badly in a fight. It can even be used when you beat your friends in a game.

Also known as tearing shit up, In gaming it could be known as a synonym for getting owned(Pwned).

Person #1 "Yo cuz, your a poodle, Ill punk you and your homies, come see me bout somethin!"

Person #2 (talking to person #3) "Is this guy yappin his mouth, yo G, lets Molly-Whop this sucka"


"Man you play too much, and if you play to much by talking the talk and by not walking the walk then you finna get Molly-Whoped!"

"Did you see David, he came through Molly-Whoppin up."

"Whats up patna, you wanna rumble with us, then your ass is getting molly-whopped!"
by Gehad B. December 18, 2007
to beat someone down maliciously.
If you want to keep living, get out my face before you get molly-whopped.
by Mr.Seals March 10, 2004
1. to fuck someone up
Nigga, I am about to straight up mollywhop you yo.
by paul December 15, 2004
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