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The greatest girl that you will ever meet. She is shy at first, but once she does talk to you, it will be special. There is nothing that this girl cannot do. She is simply and utterly perfect in every way. She often goes for guys who are not on her level, but that is okay as one will come along who is just right. His name will most likely be Alex. If things go right, they will be together forever. If, however, they don't, both parties will have the most miserable of lives. Besides all of this, Molly is one girl who much of the world will miss out on. If you know her and you don't appreciate her, you are blind, mentally ill, or just simply a stupid and stubborn person. She is the most beautiful girl you will find in all of the world. No one person will ever match her personality. Amazing does not even begin to describe her. She does not think as highly of herself as most think of her. She is kind, caring, loving, smart, cute, ambitious, precarious, clever, and trustworthy. Thank you, Molly Marie Bell. Thank you for everything that you do. You will have a successful life and if things go right, at the end you will die with dignity, peace, and the last name: Old. You are loved by many... but no one loves you as much as your true love. Alex will always love you.
Molly Marie Bell, I love you more than anything in the world - Alex Old
by Mollymylove July 18, 2012
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