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any unpleasant act or situation akin to molestation; general violation
"the prices at Taco Bell are getting kinda molesty. They shouldn't be able to get away with that nonsense."

an awkward love letter that's not touching so much as molesty.
by Herp T. Derpington March 22, 2011
To appear as though you might molesty someone.
Someone who is molesty may, or may not, have a molestache.
"Man that guy is super molesty; he's been watching those kids play on those swings for like 20 minutes!" OR
"Check out that molesty guy in the white van!"
by Lize87 June 28, 2007
Pronounced: MO-LEST-eez.
The feeling one gets when sexually aroused. Can be used as slang for crushing, loving, excited. etc.
Miss Danielle saw the boy she liked, and was filled with molesties.
by Miss Danielle October 01, 2007