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Basically the same as a Rodeo execpt 4 u get a fit bird to come back 2 your house and u get ur mate to hide in the cupboard naked and then u engage in doggy style sex with the girl. When u are about 2 cum yell 'Rodeo!!' and exit the girl and get ur mate to jump out of the cupboard and begin fuckin her, while she screams and squirms around like rodeo on a bull. You must wait and see how long u can rodeo the bitch before she can escape. The boy who was orginally sexin the whore must film the act of Molesey rodeo, then u show it to all ur friends.

It must be done with best friends and a complete slag who u dont know. It also must be done in doggy style.
boy 1: hey baby wanna come back 2 mine
Girl: yeah

(At the house they begin to have sex)

Boy 1: ahhh baby im about to cum...RODEO!!

(Boy 2 jumps out of the cupboard and begins to have sex with the slag)

Boy 2: woooooooooo baby, ur a frisky one...this is the longest ive given a Molesey Rodeo for


Boy 1: Shit this is the best Molesey rodeo ive ever seen

(Later that nght)

Boy 1: Hey mate, watch this
Boy 2: Yeah i gave this bitch a Molesey rodeo for 13 seconds!!

All their friends proceed to watch the video and then all cheer and buy the rodeo boys a beer
by Sam Awadalla December 10, 2006
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