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A variation of the dirty sanchez, instead of wiping the remnants of your shit across the the upper lip of your significant other, you jam it straight up their nose.

i got mole hole-d, now all i can smell is shit.
by hey. there. shittyshittyfagfag January 18, 2009
the basement, or place of hanging out for friends.
john "man. want to hang out?"
bill "yeah but where?"
john "i was thinking the mole hole"

"im grabbing something to eat, ill meet you in the mole hole?"
by holla344 October 10, 2009
When you jump naked into a big pile of snow with a boner, and you make a hole.
Jeff: My little brother made a snow fort yesterday.
Frank: Did you mole hole it?
Jeff: Hellll yeaaaa
by pooperdoodles December 21, 2011
A Mole Hole is where a mole on a person body can be found near or on a orafice.the situation is usually alot worse if the mole is hairy.
"eurgh fuck that im not going down on you,you have a mole hole!"

by Marc P September 21, 2008
The local pad of Sepalee/syphalee and Adam Wright/pudgeworth/wompo. Usually dark, dirty and reeking of fish.
lets burn down Syphalees mole hole!
by Burrett February 10, 2005
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