A piece of paper that is folded into a certain way to hold your mole (the mixture of weed and tobacco used in a bong)
"Can u make me a mole bowl?"

"Pass the mole bowl"
by devvonshire May 17, 2007
Top Definition
Tobacco and herbs in one solitary bowl.
Yo where the tobacco and budz at so i can chop a batch and snap a mole bowl...
by Nikolai G. December 29, 2008
a bong load packed with weed and cigarette tobacco
Dude! Brojas just snapped a mole bowl and threw up!
by TheChillinChalupa October 13, 2010
A bongload that contains weed and cigarette tabacoo. The more tabacoo added the "spicer" the load is. Originated in la jolla. This type of bongload gives a head rush amd a lightheaded feeling
Hey trevor can you pack me a molebowl?
by LimeLj858 October 12, 2009

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