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Moldy Vagina (M-OLD-E, V-AG-I-NA):

Def. 1- The act of not cleaning one's self after intense sexual intercourse.

Def. 2- The molding of a vagina after intense use of sexual activity.

Def. 3- The aging of a used cunt.

Def. 4- Tara Miller has a moldy vagina.
Samantha " Sally, my vagina is totally moldy after sex."

Sally, "Samantha, that's what a douche-bag is for. It's your fault for waiting a week after letting your damp cunt set to finally realize it."

Jason, "Dude I was eating out that girl Samantha, and it wasn't till after I got down to the bottom did I realize it was sour, do you think?"

Dude, "It was a moldy vagina? Why, yes... Yes I do."

Katherine, "Damn vagina just won't stop molding on me... Age is a CUNT!"

Lisa, "Hey George, can you pass the douche... My cunt's moldy again."

Tara Miller, "I have a moldy vagina!"
by Dr. Grey's January 20, 2012
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