THE guy. Stay away or get pooped on.
oooh, don't even go there with him, he's not afraid of anything execpt something, prolly, but noone knows about that.
by Lille My February 28, 2005
Top Definition
A tamil slang used at the following situations;
1. A person boring another to death by speech or sometimes by action
2. As a substitute for the word 'flirting'
3. A person using his negotiating prowess to influence another (irrespective of the outcome)
4. If a place, situation or dialogue is very boring, useless or uninteresting
5. If a guy/girl looks uninteresting

The use of the term 'mokka' depends on the context although the sentence which holds the term is the same on most occasions.
Examples are in the same order as the above definition;
1. A person giving a speech on the 'new world order and the current socio-economic blah-blah financial crisis' - Oh God! he is putting samma mokka! (literal translation)
2. He is putting samma mokka to that girl
3. Adam put super mokka to david for the sponsor of his liquor tab
4. That place is very mokka
5. He looks really mokka
by formslekha September 09, 2011
This word is originated from asia, 'Mokka' stands for waste, useless..
The whole day is 'mokka' without friends..
by Moustache is Mayiru May 24, 2009
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