Mixing weed and tobacco in a bong
I took hella mokie rips last night and got waaaay to high
by sdfsdfds October 30, 2008
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A mixture of cannabis and tobacco smoked via a water-pipe.

The origins of the word "mokie" are hard to trace. But as far as confirmed history goes, "mokie" originated in Sanoma County, California as an activity up-taken by few and far between. A man travelling from Sanoma County, CA to the neighboring Marin County, CA told stories of people who smoked "mokies". Overnight, it transformed from a tall tale into a worldwide phenomena of "mokie" addiction.
"Yo, lets go take some mokies!"

"Dude, that mokie rip got me faded!"

"Let's climb mokie mountain!"

"Smoking mokies will probably give you emphysema"
by The Mokie Crusader February 11, 2009
A small fat kid with a mullet with ice cream on his face
Jesse-"Did you see that kid?"

Matt-"Ya, what a Mokie"
by dog heart April 12, 2010
Another word for "remote"
Can you hand me the mokie to the TV?
by Bethony Bills May 24, 2005

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