comes from joe, in meaning: not dry and in which is very tender and supple
Did you see that shot in that bitches mouth?
That shasta was moist
by moist January 17, 2005
Adjective: Describes something that is really cool.
Damn, that shit is straight up moist.
by Henrik Gustavsson June 05, 2003
to be so horny that your dick squirts every time you move or when your very hard and a girl touches your stick
when sara asked me if i wanted head i got moist
by kk November 08, 2002
see loserbhoy
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
to be cool, brought out in south central bel air-bring it out in your city
that ride is moist
by Neo June 03, 2003
darryl's asshole
darryl's ass is 'moist'
by anonymous April 07, 2003
Adj, awsome, or pleasurable. Origin: Hebrew
Dude, that concert was so moist!
by Daniel L. Jackson February 21, 2008

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