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Totally extremely lovable and loving. One who is kind, caring and is a genuine lover. Very passionate and romantic and emotional too! Best lover in the world.
He is a real 'Mohit' - the most loving and caring guy ever!
by kay-X February 04, 2010
a backstabber
a dick
fat dad
sucks shit at driving
el beast
damn, that boy just mohit me
damn look at that mohit camping on an a 3-4-5
damn fucking mohit betrayed me
by biggy is alive October 22, 2010
When a girl gives a male oral sex, then proceeds to kiss another male without brushing her teeth. However, the victim must meet the following criteria:

- be under the influence of alcohol
- be desperate
- be unaware of the impending doom
Steve: Dude! I saw what you did with Katie there! Props bro
Kevin: Haha, thanks man. Oh! Check out Katie making out with that poor guy over there!
Steve: Ohh, he got a Mohit.
Kevin: That sucks.
by Loarny Doolly November 25, 2010
A sexually satisfying moment named after the great sex capades of the sex lord Mohit Pathak
Oh my god you strap like the Sex Lord Mohit Pathak.

And the guy gos, thanks!
by BroHeros February 02, 2011
Captain of the badminton team and a creature who hails from the depths of Madras.
Can also be pronounced as Slohit or M. Tit
Hello Mohit whats on the agenda for today?
Nothing Joe, just gonna hit the badminton courts
by OmarSna June 20, 2006
The world's 2nd greatest insult, Mohit. This word is a killer once expressed. The insult can also be found in the combination of Yoshrivmatit. It is commonly heard when boys play the game Defence Of The Ancients.
DOTA: MEGA KILL! curry_king just pawned burning vapour for a 145 gold!

Josh: Shit! What the fuck!

Gary, Rishi and Ronald: YOU MOHIT and points at Josh.
by curry_king April 01, 2005
a cool guy ...specially if his surname is bhatia and he is born on the 4th of december.
mohit bhatia of new delhi
by mohit March 12, 2005
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