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Originated from the american-indian mohawk hairstyle, now commonly seen on anarchists, punks, rebel's etc.. usualy as a sign of anti-fascism and/or chaos/rebelion.

Usualy dyed a variety of brilliant colours, and fanned or liberty spiked using knox/glue/egg-whites/soap/strong hair cosmetics.

Other variations of the Mohican (Mohawk) include; Bi-hawks, Tri-hawks, Goth-hawks, flop hawks and their sub-variations.

Now more often seen worn by "poser's" and trendy kid's, more or less ruining the whole meaning and pride behind true mohican-wearer's, turning it into some sort of fasion something-or-other
Did you see the Nihilism video from Rancid? Lars has a pretty kickin' mohican!
by Stryke October 18, 2005
A hairstyle in which the entire scalp is shaved, save a strip of hair from the forehead to the neck. This is usually dyed and/or spiked up.

Another word for Mohawk
<Insert name here> just got a mohican.
by m0rphy August 18, 2004
The act of sneaking through thick brush.
We couldn't find the trail so we had to mohican our way through the woods.
by sensoccer7 July 05, 2010
A form of very low grade marijuana.
Hey man, do you have any Columbian Gold we can try out in my new bong?

No, all I have is this Mohican.

by Susie Wallace October 31, 2007
When a Pedrick proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse with an Eaton. An Eaton is a women that only knows how to cook and clean. A Pedrick is a man who works on the farm and is most commonly known for chewing skoal tabacco.
Brady, did you see that mohican scene on! That was amazing how that Pedrick railed the Eaton.
by Alana Eaton March 30, 2011
A blowjob given by a chick wearing a whipped cream moustache. Also referred to as a "hawk eye," "long rifle," or "James Fenimore Cooper."
Dude, my girlfriend recieved a terrible case of oral syphilis after she gave a Mohican the other day!
by C-Prime January 03, 2007

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