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Aryan Oriyas hailing from the fertile & prosperous Mogolbandi Orissa, the eastern, coastal plains of Orissa. As
opposed to the Garjatia Oriyas, who hail from the remote & inaccessible mountainous Garjatia Orissa.

Mogolbandi Oriyas are distinguished from other Oriyas by their speaking the prestigious Mughalbandi Oriya dialect
(considered the best dialect & hence called "standard" Oriya), the refined Iranianate or Persianate influence on
their civilization, the higher percentage of Prakrit & Sanskrit words, the greater number of Aryan Brahmins, the
lower percentage of Shudras & Adivasis, & the consequent weaker influence of Dravidian & Kolarian culture.
Mogolbandi Oriyas are extremely proud of all these aspects of their culture. In terms of religion, most Mogolbandi
Oriyas follow Jagannath Vaishnavism, with Mogolbandi Oriya Muslims comprising a small but visible fraction of the
population, along with a few animist & Shaivite Dravido-Kolarian Shabaras (Negroid-Australoid Aboriginals).

The plural of Mogolbandi is "Mogolbandiyya", & connotes Mogolbandi or Mughalbandi Oriyas.
1) "The identification for the Oriyas is almost in the same lines, except for the hierarchised terms which for the
others are: Ana-Oria - 'non-Oriya', Pascima or Hindustani 'Northerners', Telenga 'Southerners', Bangali
'Bengali', and for the self are: Oria 'Oriya', Mogolbandi 'Oriyas from the British ruled Orissa', and Garjatia
'Oriyas from the feudatory states of Orissa'" (Ethnicity, nationalism, and integration', Ajit K. Danda. Calcutta:
Asiatic Society, 1999, p.59)

2) Bapa (Father): My Jheo (Girl), promise me you won't marry an uncouth Garjatia Oriya!
Jheo: Of course not! I will only marry one of our own civilized Mogolbandi Oriyas!

3) Pranab Mohanty: You should stop going around with that rough Garjatia toki (girl) Suneeta Sahoo!
Santosh Panda: Don't worry, she is just time-pass! I will marry one of our fine Mogolbandi tokis in the end!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 26, 2010
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