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Geographical & cultural term, denoting the fertile coastal alluvial plains of Orissa, including Balasore or Baleshwar, the Mahanadi Delta & Chilika Lake. One of the two parts into which Orissa is traditionally divided, the other being Garjatia Orissa, comprising the mountainous interior.
The Mogolbandi region contains the famed ancient Oriya capitals of Cuttack & Bhubaneshwar, as well as Puri with its Jagannath temple & Konarak with its famous Sun Temple (the "Black Pagoda"). After the fall of the Orissan Empire, the Mughal Empire or Timurid Caliphate re-constituted & unified the Mogolbandi. Under the Pax Islamica, the Later Timurids enriched the region with Irano-Semitic culture & loosened up the Brahminical caste system. Subsequently, this unit came under the Maratha Confederacy, which retained its distinctiveness. Under the British Thalassocracy, the area was likewise kept intact, but was looted & subjected to horrific genocides, including the Post-1857 Genocides & the Bengal Holocaust.
Hence, Mogolbandi Orissa refers not just to the region, but to the distinctive culture which developed over recent centuries. Etymologically, "Mogolbandi" is an Oriya version of the Hindustani "Mughalbandi".
1) Pranab Mishra: By Jagannath, Mogolbandi Orissa is much better than the rest. I went to Garjatia Orissa once, & was almost killed by head-hunters in Khondistan!
Santosh Barpanda: Naturally, our Mogolbandi Orissa is more fertile, & our people much more civilized, than that mountainous, inhospitable & barbaric Garjatia Orissa!
2) Bapa (Father): Son, don't ever go to Garjatia Orissa.
Pilla (Son): Of course not! I don't want to get eaten by cannibals!
3) Bipin: Pradeep, you maaghiya Garjatiya (mother-fucker Garjatia)! Stop that betel nut spitting!
Pradeep: Mogolbandi Orissa is not that clean!
Bipin: Cleaner than your Garjatiya Orissa!
4) "Mogolbandi: The level and cultivated portion of Orissa from which the Mogols derived revenue." ('Socio-economic conditions of Orissa', KC Jena, Delhi: Sundeep Prakashan, 1978, p.150)
5) "The Marathas got a workable pattern. Like the Mughals they divided Orissa into the Mogolbandi and the Garjats. They left the Garjats to semi-independant rulers & divided the Mogolbandi into four revenue districts of Cuttack, Bhadrak, Soro & Balasore." (KC Jena, ibid., p.10)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 18, 2010

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