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A "Mother Goose", a story teller. One who can't seem to tell the truth.
"Don't listen to Jason, he doesn't have anything he says he does... He's a mogo."
by TommyBres April 29, 2008
acronym for MAKE OUT GET OUT.. when you just want to make out and then thats it.
My boyfriend is gone for the weekend so i just want to mogo tonight
by weekend slut March 21, 2010
Someone of lesser intelligence, a retarded person.
"You're a mogo."
by Ema Nymton April 11, 2003
1. Abbreviation From Chinese - Mo-gun-shee. An erotically charged cute grey towelling mouse, with pert pink node (See nympho), that lives in a locked box for her own protection. Often used in derogatory terms in regards to her promiscuity. Feigns innocence.
2. An exclaimation of the impending Touretts Syndrome that is developing inside youself. Term is often substituted for every lyric in a song.
1. "I'm gonna take that little Mogo from behind!"
2. "MOGO! MOGO! MOGO! MOGO!" or #Mogo is naked/ Mogunshee is naked/Mogo is naked/Mogunshee!#
by Wasabi Bread January 09, 2005
a word the g-thug twins came up with...because of the sexier twins(camila) bad spelling. another word for a mofo...hahaha
i love my mogo twin.
by camilalala September 14, 2007
Was in the new-time rap. Another word for ghetto.
I was raised in the MoGo "G".
by Ed December 29, 2004
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