Modern Warfare 3 is the next game in the "popular" Call of Duty series. It is damn near identical to previous installments excluding new maps (which they'll make you pay for in due time).

Person 1: Hey, are you getting MW3? It's gonna be great!

Person 2: MW3? Oh, you mean that unreleased COD4 map pack...

Person 1: Shut up you hater!!!

Here's what will happen to those that purchase it
First week: Wow! Infinity ward have really outdone themselves, this is amazing! Modern Warfare 3 for the win!!!

After a month: So many noobs keep using the (insert overpowered gun name) it's pissing me off...

A short while later: Survival mode is the only good thing in this game...

A bit after that: This game sucks! Who would play this crap!?!?!?

When the next game comes out: Hey, this is actually pretty good!

And so the cycle of pathetic games continues
by The realest gamer October 27, 2011
What will likely become the greatest piece of entertainment known to mankind... until the next Call of Duty game comes out.
Gamer 1: Dude, wanna play some Black Ops?

Gamer 2: I can't broski, I'm waiting outside of GameStop for the Modern Warfare 3 release.

Gamer 1: That doesn't come out for two months.

Gamer 2: I know.
by JD_For_Real September 12, 2011
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