MW2 is a great game overall. you can play with up to TWO PEOPLE on Spec Ops, and dont even get me started about the online! Its great! You can kill people, get killed, and until recently, you could go suicide bombing! But wait, theres more! If you want to, you can search on Domination, Ground War, or Free For All and find all loads of glitched matches! Oh yeah, give me some Unlimited time, with some Unlimited points on the side, and a mix of Unlimited Ammo and Spawn Kills for the drink, please! jesus christ, whens IW gunna patch this shit..
L33t player: Hey man wanna play some Modern Warfare 2 later?

N00b player: Okay man, maybe we can do headshots!

l33t: No one ever does headshots, its gay

Hours later

L33t player: Thats it man im out

n00b: why man this is fun

l33t: These matches go on forever and you end up getting spawn killed, this isnt fun

n00b: thats just because your not the one who rocks!

l33t: says the one whos 1 and 5839 right now..
by LamalTehCamal December 19, 2009
The most brain shatteriest head poppiest face meltiest video game to be released for any consle in the history of man.This game is going to be so awesome it explodes you head incinerates you heart and makes you crap out your own intestines.
Guy 1:Hey did you hear about Modern Warfare 2?
Guy 2:What?
Guy 1:It the sequal to CoD4!
Guy 2:Oh,than Waw is better than.
Guy 1 proceeds to jump on Guy 2 like a Hunter from Left 4 Dead
by roflknife567 July 30, 2009
the best game EVER. it beat records or some shit, and has caused me to blow off my friends and prevented me from getting laid on mutiple occasions.
friend: that band you like is playing at that bar you like tonight, wanna come?
me: um.. i have plans sorry broseph
by miss bro0tal December 04, 2009
when i saw the multiplayer trailer for that game i came a gallon in my pants. no lie im still trying to clean it up.
*watches soldier shoot the AA-12 auto shotgun in modern warfare 2 multiplayer trailer

faggot: finally i have something to masturbate to for tonight!
by k9thefaggot July 27, 2009
One of the greatest video games of all time, created by Infinity Ward. It is the 6th game in the call of duty series. The game has amazing graphics, a great campaign, fun online play, great kill streaks, cool weapons, and special ops. The one and only problem is being forced into game chat on certain play lists for the multiplayer, which isn't that big of a deal.
Hey dude i just got modern warfare 2, wanna come over and play it!
Ill be right over!
by Mountaindewizsik January 18, 2010
the greatest fuckin game eva fuckin made
i luv playin modern warfare 2
by ricannigga January 15, 2010

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