MW2 is a great game overall. you can play with up to TWO PEOPLE on Spec Ops, and dont even get me started about the online! Its great! You can kill people, get killed, and until recently, you could go suicide bombing! But wait, theres more! If you want to, you can search on Domination, Ground War, or Free For All and find all loads of glitched matches! Oh yeah, give me some Unlimited time, with some Unlimited points on the side, and a mix of Unlimited Ammo and Spawn Kills for the drink, please! jesus christ, whens IW gunna patch this shit..
L33t player: Hey man wanna play some Modern Warfare 2 later?

N00b player: Okay man, maybe we can do headshots!

l33t: No one ever does headshots, its gay

Hours later

L33t player: Thats it man im out

n00b: why man this is fun

l33t: These matches go on forever and you end up getting spawn killed, this isnt fun

n00b: thats just because your not the one who rocks!

l33t: says the one whos 1 and 5839 right now..
by LamalTehCamal December 19, 2009
A game unlike any other, some people call it a terrible game others call it a great game, but overall its a game that involves some tactical knowledge and some abilities to predict. This game has is flaws and advantages, one flaw is some of the very linear maps such as Highrise, linear maps are the maps known as "Spawn Killing" maps. Certain weapons are overly powered and which require no skill, such as the UMP45, SCAR-H, TAR-21, Grenade Launcers, and RPG's. While some weapons are underpowered like a weapon called the Vector (Know as the KRISS super V) which in real life shoots .45 caliber bullets with high accuracy and high fire rate, Depending on how the people your are going against it is a great game, but same could go for the other way it just depends on how overly powerful the other team is being. This game also consists of a lot of Hacked accounts, which people abuse to scam(mostly little kids) NO FURTHER DETAILS
Modern Warfare 2 Player: Have you played the very incredible game Modern Warfare 2?

Neighbor: Yeah but i couldn't find a good game ever so i just quit it and decided to leave cruel remarks.
by Cuddle bot187 June 24, 2010
The reason that so many guys have begun to love their Xbox 360/PS3 more than their girlfriends. The leading cause of breakups in the UK, France, the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Girl (ex: Betty) "Why don't you ever text me any more?"

Guy (ex: Nathaniel) "I found a new love. Her name is Modern Warfare 2. Her parents are Infinity Ward and Activision. Tejbz said this would happen."
by Nizzle Chrizzle Pizzle April 29, 2010
The epitome of bullshit that far exceeds that of any other video game in the history of man. Completely filled with game breaking mechanics often resulting in numerous frustrating deaths and a spawn system designed to fuck over players of a higher caliber MW2 is by far the worst in the call of duty series.
Guy 1: Hey last night I was playing MW2 and the whole enemy team was using one man army danger close noob tubes and randomly shot them all across the map and the when I finally did get with in range of one of them, they had painkiller and commando-ed me from 10 feet away! It was such a blast!

Guy 2: Seriously, you had fun in all that?

Guy 1: Hell no! I destroyed the game shortly afterwards to preserve my sanity

Modern Warfare 2=noob friendly
by runnerboy404 October 16, 2010
The game in which you will never stop playing. And when you do your mind keeps playing........
Jose: You want to play some Futbol?

Enrique: Deploying C4

Jose: What?

Enrique: Shitttt Shot the dog he going for my neck

Jose; Dude modern warfare 2 fucked you up.

Enrique: Uav spotted. Get your Cold-blooded on
by Conor its me not a fake October 29, 2010
it is sometimes known as MODDED GAYFARE 2
Do not waste your time on this piece of shit...
MW2 FAG: OMFG i just got modern warfare 2!!

Epiic guy: dude,your a fag...
by ViZiOnZ_ToXXiiN December 01, 2010
The followup to IW's hit game "Modern Warfare". It has an intense 1 player campaign, a unique co-op system called Special Ops, and a multiplayer component that some call the best ever and "an unbalanced, overrated piece of garbage". Personally, i think the multiplayer is intense and exciting no matter how long you've been playing.
Kid 1:Modern Warfare 2 is the best invention since toilet paper!
Kid 2: Modern Warfare sucks halo is 100 times better.
by xBoX GuY 16523 November 10, 2010
Essentially a 12 year-old faggot's idea of a good game; was conceived when Infinity Ward saw the massive success of the first Modern Warfare, then watered it down with simpler game-play, stripped all PC support, alienating it's most loyal community, and adding so many new noob friendly perks that playing it almost requires sucking, since it's so easy to spray, spam, and quick-scope that it completely defeats the purpose of playing the game. One could effectively pull the trigger on their controller once every ten seconds and end up with an amazing score.
Douche-bag: Hey guys, let's play Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox LIVE tonight!

Intelligent person: Fuck Modern Warfare 2, and fuck playing first-person shooters on anything but a PC.

Douche-bag: Modern Warfare 2 is amazing, dude, and Xbox is the best!

Intelligent person: Modern Warfare 2 is to Call of Duty what Dynasty was for KISS. A shitty sellout.
by Blank the XIth January 01, 2011

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