MW2 is a great game overall. you can play with up to TWO PEOPLE on Spec Ops, and dont even get me started about the online! Its great! You can kill people, get killed, and until recently, you could go suicide bombing! But wait, theres more! If you want to, you can search on Domination, Ground War, or Free For All and find all loads of glitched matches! Oh yeah, give me some Unlimited time, with some Unlimited points on the side, and a mix of Unlimited Ammo and Spawn Kills for the drink, please! jesus christ, whens IW gunna patch this shit..
L33t player: Hey man wanna play some Modern Warfare 2 later?

N00b player: Okay man, maybe we can do headshots!

l33t: No one ever does headshots, its gay

Hours later

L33t player: Thats it man im out

n00b: why man this is fun

l33t: These matches go on forever and you end up getting spawn killed, this isnt fun

n00b: thats just because your not the one who rocks!

l33t: says the one whos 1 and 5839 right now..
by LamalTehCamal December 19, 2009
A game so good it get's me hard just thinking about it.
Modern Warfare 2 is so good that I literally got an erection in algebra class just thinking about it.
by RAWSTUNMEATLER November 13, 2009
A demonic mind-controlling device that drives small children to the edge of insanity, makes 20 year olds lose their job or get expelled, and is all around hated by females. It is also used to help fat losers become internet celebrities.

A myth says that if one spends too much time with Modern Warfare 2, they completely lose brain function and gain the power to never eat, sleep, or converse with friends, family and/or partners.
Jeff:"Oh my God dude I just hit a fuckin' triple in Modern Warfare 2"

Mike:"That's great....are you not coming to school anymore or what?"
by shcoome March 01, 2010
The sequel to the very popular 2007 game, "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare." It's a first person shooter that takes place 5 years after the events of the first game.

The single-player is short but great. The co-op mode is named, "spec-ops." It's a fun mode but has no matchmaking which is not good.

The multiplayer, which is the most popular mode, I think is an unbalanced, overrated, piece of garbage. It has terrible maps among other things. The multiplayer also has many other annoyances such as a perk called "commando" where you can lunge at an enemy from about 10 feet away. Another thing that will make you rage quit is the grenade launcher, or more commonly known as the "noobtube." There is also killstreaks, where you can pick which kill reward that you want. Because of this, most players use the harrier, chopper gunner, nuke setup and camp the whole game and don't help at all with winning the game. Also, this also promotes boosting. You will find a lot of people that think getting a nuke will somehow make their chode bigger, thus, they will get a friend and try to cheat their way to a nuke my continuously killing their friend while using a tactical insertion. Possibly the most retarted thing added is deathstreaks. The purpose of deathstreaks is to make the game so casual and make it so the worst players can get kills in an unfair way.

MW2 is a game for people that have ADD, hate teamwork, and love saying the word "Wow" every 3 seconds.
A Typical Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer match

Guy - Gets killed by commando

Same guy - ragequits
by SolidnOld April 20, 2010
The reason why many adolescent males do not have girlfriends
"I spend all my time playing modern warfare 2, i don't have time for a girl"
by luvinwafflez December 15, 2009
This game is for several types of people:
1: If you find yourself unable to get poon, play Modern Warfare 2. You will now have an excuse for why you aren't pounding a whore in the bathroom of a backdoor bar. It is a perfectly legitimate excuse because you will cum 10x more than any shitty bar bj when you unlock the "pro noob" models

2: If you are enjoy roasting marshmellows over a fire, and sleeping in tents aka "a camper"

Online play includes the following types of people:

1. People who pretend to be military, only to later be discovered with a 5x voice changer. When asked what unit they are with, you will no longer hear their voice, except for when their mommy calls for dinner.

2. You will also find kids who start screaming curse words, because the big kid in 5th grade taught them. You will learn that you will end up pressing the mute button more often than the fire button because you end up getting spawn killed before you have time hit the trigger button.

3. You will find racist pricks who think it is hillarious to change their clan tag to "KKK." When questioning their beliefs they are unable to support their statements, except with comments such as "that is the way I was raised."
Noob: I love playing modern warfare 2

Pwner: You aren't playing!

Noob: yes I am (says in a gay 5 year old voice)

Pwner: No you aren't because I am spawn killing you before you have the oppurtunity to fire.
by NoobPwner1234xxxxxx March 06, 2010
Worst multiplayer I've ever played, but a pretty good campaign and side missions, nicknamed "Special Ops".

Seriously, the multiplayer online is terrible. Nothing but campers, "pros" with instant kill weapons that you must sacrifice your virginity for, and 6-year old children screaming at there mother to get them some chocolate milk.
Bob: Hey, you play Modern Warfare 2?
Tom: Yeah, the campaign is awesome, so are the side missions.
Bob: You tried multiplayer yet? I'm already a 3rd prestige level 65!
Tom: Nah, the multiplayer is pretty noobish. I played with some 7 year old who kept camping with the Akimbo Rangers.
Bob: Yeah, I hate those little bastards.
by Sciencejoe2 February 23, 2010
After months of it being out, and the 4-5 pages of Fanboy defs i'll tell you what this game really is; a piece of garbage. The campaign is great and the early first 4 months of online gameplay were alright, but now every self absorbed asshole, noob, and Xbox Live Midget on XBL I guarantee has this in their gaming collection. The online games so are full of noob tubers, kids, and wannabe MLG'ers that you can't turn one corner without being one-hit killed and possibly hearing "OMG NIGGA YOU GOT PWNED" from a kid who probably hasn't even gotten into

Pre-Algebra yet. The maps are a camper's wet dream and the Map Pack, to me, is a waste of 1200 MSPs. I personally think WaW will give you a better time then Modern Warfare 2.
Modern Warfare 2 is like the IPhone, there's a hack for everything and every asshole and annoying kid has it.
by DIE MW2 May 11, 2010

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