A overall awesome game.

People who do not like this game :
A. Play on the XBOX 360 which is filled with camping little kids who yell their heads off

B. Take the game too seriously and get super pissed off when they lose their killstreak
C. Were expecting a godly game and got something that was good overall
D. Are noobs themselves and blame other people for sucking at the game

E. People that stupidly assume kids do not know anything and think that kids will all of a sudden join the army just from playing this game
F. People that think the game is too "mainstream" and troll because everyone has it

G. People that fail to realize that people like campers and noob toobers (or whatever cheap weapon ) appear in every game you play
Hey lets go play Modern Warfare 2, supposedly it has campers and little kids and noob tubers every game. Starts playing : WELL I DON'T HEAR ANY LITTLE KIDS, I ONLY SEE ONE NOOBTOOBER WHO SUCKS AT AIMING, OH NO I GOT SHOT BY A CAMPER ONCE BUT CAMPERS ARE IN EVERY GAME.
by mikez4087 October 09, 2010
1. sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
2. video game
3. hours of fun
4. happiness
5. 11-10-09
the guy: we gotta play some modern warfare 2 nao!
that guy: alright alright chill mang i'm getting on!
the guy: cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod cod
by soulfaithful November 27, 2009
MW2 is a great game overall. you can play with up to TWO PEOPLE on Spec Ops, and dont even get me started about the online! Its great! You can kill people, get killed, and until recently, you could go suicide bombing! But wait, theres more! If you want to, you can search on Domination, Ground War, or Free For All and find all loads of glitched matches! Oh yeah, give me some Unlimited time, with some Unlimited points on the side, and a mix of Unlimited Ammo and Spawn Kills for the drink, please! jesus christ, whens IW gunna patch this shit..
L33t player: Hey man wanna play some Modern Warfare 2 later?

N00b player: Okay man, maybe we can do headshots!

l33t: No one ever does headshots, its gay

Hours later

L33t player: Thats it man im out

n00b: why man this is fun

l33t: These matches go on forever and you end up getting spawn killed, this isnt fun

n00b: thats just because your not the one who rocks!

l33t: says the one whos 1 and 5839 right now..
by LamalTehCamal December 19, 2009
A new prototype training program for U.S. Navy SEAL and Army Rangers.
Made in 2009 by Infinity Ward (C) a well known weapons manufacturing company.

This program puts trainees into a virtual reality combat zone.
Trainees learn advanced tactics, such as take down, and kid napping.
There is a wide variety in weapons.
From the AK-47 to the AA-12.

It was designed to give trainees the feeling of combat, without having to put them through combat or war games.
Some Modern Warfare 2 "missions" include assaulting a Soviet air base, assaulting a Soviet Oil Rig, and Sub Base, also battles in Afghanistan, and Brazil.
by that_guy_with_candy January 07, 2010
Possibly the best game man has ever seen
Guy 1 : Hey , wanna play Modern Warfare 2 at my house ?

Guy 2 : Dont you mean the best game the world has seen !
by deoiscool May 10, 2010
A game set to be released on November 10, 2009.
It seems that everyone assumes it'll be good before it comes out. This may be true when you're a scrub that only plays team death match and think you're UlTrraA Pr0zzzz and have a gamer tag something like "iTz a55fuck3r" or "Bob3535235445354354343534543543543453453453543"
In reality this game will be a huge failure by comparison to Modern Warfare. The death streaks prove alone prove this game will cater to mopes of all variety. Triple health? Really?
This really will be an FPS for retards.

But hey, at least we get new guns...
TDM Scrub: "Man, I really wish I could have triple health after my tenth death. It's not enough to have three frag, juggernaut, steady aim/martyrdom/last stand with a P90 and kill cam!!11"
Me: "Dude, you realize how terrible this game is actually gonna turn out to be, right?"
TDM Scrub: "BUT I'LL BE ABLE TO OPERATE A S00P3R C00L AIRPLANE!1 I'll be able to lunge with my knife now!! AND I'll be able to use the perk to make me run faster and jump over different obstacles!!1 Modern Warfare 2 is GONNA BE SO KEWL MAYNE!"
Me: "Get the fuck back to Halo."
by The Bosssssssssssssssss October 27, 2009
The most brain shatteriest head poppiest face meltiest video game to be released for any consle in the history of man.This game is going to be so awesome it explodes you head incinerates you heart and makes you crap out your own intestines.
Guy 1:Hey did you hear about Modern Warfare 2?
Guy 2:What?
Guy 1:It the sequal to CoD4!
Guy 2:Oh,than Waw is better than.
Guy 1 proceeds to jump on Guy 2 like a Hunter from Left 4 Dead
by roflknife567 July 30, 2009
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