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The biggest piece of shit disappointment to ever have been released since Halo 3. Story completely ignores the laws of physics, and once you get over seeing Soap's face for the first time, your cock goes limp as he parkour jumps his way to a whole Russian base to destroy them all afterwards making a jump 1 mile long on a snowmobile.
Even moreso, the multiplayer is the biggest turd of the sandwich, made up of huge faggot 8 year olds yelling racial slurs because mommy and daddy aren't home, and the sounds of Aussies cutting themselves because they haven't joined suit with the rest of their nation in destroying their fucking games due to the immense, "Ameri-lag."
Infinity Ward tricked many people into buying this satan spawn, so mission accomplished, good job.
Longcat: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Don't you mean Camp of Shit: Model 1887 2?
by Codename Exia January 02, 2010
The most overrated video game in history. Sporting poor balance, a too-short campaign, glitches, terrible maps, and a group of raving idiot fanboys of the game who think they will join the Army Rangers when they reach 18.
Idiot: Modern Warfare 2 is realistic!

Anyone who knows shit: *facepalm*
by CookieMan0 September 06, 2010
A game unlike any other, some people call it a terrible game others call it a great game, but overall its a game that involves some tactical knowledge and some abilities to predict. This game has is flaws and advantages, one flaw is some of the very linear maps such as Highrise, linear maps are the maps known as "Spawn Killing" maps. Certain weapons are overly powered and which require no skill, such as the UMP45, SCAR-H, TAR-21, Grenade Launcers, and RPG's. While some weapons are underpowered like a weapon called the Vector (Know as the KRISS super V) which in real life shoots .45 caliber bullets with high accuracy and high fire rate, Depending on how the people your are going against it is a great game, but same could go for the other way it just depends on how overly powerful the other team is being. This game also consists of a lot of Hacked accounts, which people abuse to scam(mostly little kids) NO FURTHER DETAILS
Modern Warfare 2 Player: Have you played the very incredible game Modern Warfare 2?

Neighbor: Yeah but i couldn't find a good game ever so i just quit it and decided to leave cruel remarks.
by Cuddle bot187 June 24, 2010
A sequel to the sucessful game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. But instead being succesful, it failed mainly because of its multiplayer content. There are a shitload of hacks, glitches, mods, etc. that Infinity Ward fails to fix and thus making this game broken
Noob: Oh yeah I got a nuke with One Man Army, Danger Close, Commando. I'm the best in Modern Warfare 2

Pro: OMG this game is broken, fix this game
by ATX Crane August 24, 2010
A shit sequel to an amazing game. Modern Warfare 2 is widely known for unbalanced weapons, maps designed for 'camping', a terrible online community and numerous ways to hack the game. The overall terribleness of the game lead many to boycott the Call of Duty series or Infinity Ward games.
Bob: "Dude, i walked into a room and was shot by 5 different people and two claymores went off. Their entire team is camping..."

Joe: "Can't hear you dude, there's some 8 year old screaming into his mic"

Bob: "Fuck Modern Warfare 2! I think ill go watch paint dry instead"
by Stan146 September 15, 2010
Mostly known for it's online multiplayer.
Contains no bullshit whatsoever and is totally fair and balanced. *sarcasm*
Durrr...I couldn't possibly win a real 1 on 1 gunfight in an FPS, but luckily there's Modern Warfare 2.
by Tickles McLolz October 29, 2010
Very unbalanced game. Don't say it is around fanboys or they will flame you to the death.
Me: Wow, another laggy game of Modern Warfare 2. What a surprise.

Friends: Its not fair because the people with better internet will be the ones doing better.