The sequel to Xbox 360 and PS3 game Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare, Modern Warfare is a game which is so broken, just by playing the online will automatically melt your Xbox/PS3 just by inserting the cursed game. This game has been unleashed on Adults and Children alike. When this game is played it instantly takes a day of your life.
Gay Kid: When I'm older I'm gonna join the army rangers! I'm gonna run around with my akimbo rangers. Doesn't matter if I get shot, i'll just respawn! In the battlefield when I'm an army ranger i will camp! I love Modern Warfare 2 so much!
by Ihatemodernwarfare2 July 29, 2010
A game that everyone thought would be good. It managed to sell 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours. In the next 24 hours people would realize how much this game will piss them off. From commando to boosters, it is filled with all of the things you have feared in gaming. By my estimations just after the first round millions of people broke their controllers, screamed their head's off, and possibly beat their girlfriends. To this day the devil game still continues to make money thanks to the millions of kids who get their parents to buy it because everyone else has it.
1. "MW2 is the worst game I have ever played!"
2. "MW2 made me brake my controller!"
3. "I killed my girlfriend because of MW2!"
4. "Wanna boost?"
5. "You noob tuber!"
6. "I'm selling a tenth prestige hack for only a $20 PSN card!"
7."CoD 6 Modern Warfare 2 FAILS"
by joshcf1 July 26, 2010
Infinity Ward's terrible attempt to make a game better than Call of Duty 4; A collection of faggots with comando pro and marathon; A conspiracy to piss of the entire male population
John "Have you played Modern Warfare 2 lately?" Alex "No that game is shit."
by Mr.WhiteGirl March 26, 2010
The second worst FPS to be released ever.

If you're looking for:
- Broken Online Gameplay
- Shitty P2P
- Most of your Xbox/PS3 controllers broken within a week

Then this is the game for you.
Guy 1: So, you played Modern Warfare 2 yet?

Guy 2: Yeah, It's pretty terrible. I'd rather play World At War than this piece of shit.
by Akeraz February 20, 2010
A game that was promised to be amazing, but ended up being Infinity Ward's big cash in. If you think this game is amazing, a). have no taste, b). have never played something good.
"So I bought Modern Warfare 2 brand new thinking it would be great, improving on the original, but all I got was an expansion pack, with a piss poor single player, slightly better graphics, and a multiplayer so unbalanced it makes me wonder what happened to humanity."

"Dude, MW2 is amazing."

"Shut your whore mouth you have no taste."
by Ye Olde Hobo February 24, 2010
The biggest piece of shit disappointment to ever have been released since Halo 3. Story completely ignores the laws of physics, and once you get over seeing Soap's face for the first time, your cock goes limp as he parkour jumps his way to a whole Russian base to destroy them all afterwards making a jump 1 mile long on a snowmobile.
Even moreso, the multiplayer is the biggest turd of the sandwich, made up of huge faggot 8 year olds yelling racial slurs because mommy and daddy aren't home, and the sounds of Aussies cutting themselves because they haven't joined suit with the rest of their nation in destroying their fucking games due to the immense, "Ameri-lag."
Infinity Ward tricked many people into buying this satan spawn, so mission accomplished, good job.
Longcat: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Don't you mean Camp of Shit: Model 1887 2?
by Codename Exia January 02, 2010
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