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The game that all the girlfriends of the world will soon come to hate.
Girlfriend: "Hey, wanna come to my place tonight and fool around?"

Boyfriend: "Nope, got some modern warfare 2 to catch up on."
by mw2freak October 14, 2009
572 176
End to teen pregnacy.
(Mary) wanna have sex?

(Mark) no way I'm playing Modern Warfare 2
by Rejecteddddddddd February 03, 2010
2123 185
America's new form of military draft. Makes young american males want to join the ground forces because they play too much MW2.
Dumb kid: Yeah im gonna join the army when i grow up cuz i like guns and shooting people in the face on Modern Warfare 2. this one time i got a 10 killstreak and only 30 deaths and i like to use stopping power to make my bullets stronger and i'll always know where the enemies are because i'll have a UAV radar in the top left corner of my screen and if i get shot it'll only hurt for 5 seconds and then i'll recover and i like to rush around corners and this one time i got 2 helicopters and i killed this noob with a grenade and then i spawned behind their hole team and knifed them lololololol and then oh yeah im almost level 70 and then.....
by Keegor Sweet December 12, 2009
1023 180
The follow-up to the 2007 epic game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Again, this game will cause you to scream your mind out at noobs who go 1 and 22 in team deathmatch, or your friends who appear to believe they can beat you.

Either way, hilarity will ensue, but with better graphics and better weapons.
Modern Warfare 2 will completely decimate the other Call of Duty games.
by wambulance May 26, 2009
986 406
The sequel to Infinity Ward's 2007 masterpiece, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Set to release on November 10th, 2009, this game will blow your mind, and that's a fact. Don't ask me for my time machine, because I don't need one to know that that's true.
guy #1: Dude did you hear about Modern Warfare 2?

guy #2: No dude, what's that.

guy #1: (bitch slaps guy #2) That question doesn't even deserve a response.
by kikomiko March 25, 2009
548 330
The one game that will cause you to go through a controller every week due to the frustration that is in-sued when you constantly spawn and die before you can move 2 foot in every online game that you play.
-M16fag: I just got spawn killed again, I fucking hate Modern Warfare 2!!!
<Throws controller at the wall>
by Quade999 December 31, 2009
322 110
A game so good it get's me hard just thinking about it.
Modern Warfare 2 is so good that I literally got an erection in algebra class just thinking about it.
by RAWSTUNMEATLER November 13, 2009
476 321