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Pronounced- (Mo-cheese-mo)

Possibly derived from the base word “macho.” It is THE ultimate title a man can be labeled. It means you posses the man characteristics and qualities unlike any other of your kind. Once labeled machismo you are held to a higher standard in the eyes of your peers, and take on all responsibilities associated with this badass title. To be called machismo is a privilege so should you not live up to your mochismoness, then your man card can/will be revoked..therefore this title in not to be taken lightly. Pretty much girls love you and guys want to be you, you are the shit!
Person A- Dude that guy is a badass...

Person B- No dude, that guy is mochismo


Chuck Norris is one mochismo mother fricker!
by CMART99 December 08, 2009

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