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A multi-functional word, can be used in almost any context thinkable. Correct pronunciation is essential, belting out the word as loud as possible during the most innapropriate moments is required.

Origins - A selbiesm, thought to have originated in a chemistry classroom, circa 2000AD.

There are several variations to the original now known, however, there are no set guidelines as to what is required in each situation. As a rule of thumb, if not sure, revert to the classic Mnyeurgh as this will be correct in most, if not all situations.
1: Mnyeurgh, quality coitus
2: Mnyeurgh, what a day I've had
3: Mnyeurgh, not bothered man
4: Mnyeurgh, yeah sounds good
5: Mnyeurgh, don't think so
6: Mnyeurgh, that was shite
7: Mnyeurgh, that was premium
8: Mnyeurgh, testicles
9: Mnyeurgh, I touch children
10: Mnyeurgh, Celnik has VD
etc, etc.
by Ross Harrison September 03, 2006
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