Do you understand, I'm telling you, so you do now.
"My name is mutha f**cking Kiki Gonzales, mmmkay!"
by Erin & Reid June 19, 2003
Top Definition
Meaning OK, a word that Mr. Mackey from South Park uses
"drugs are bad MmmKay"
by Hannah November 26, 2003
Sarcastic version of okay. Pronounced by drawing out the mmm sound and giving it a sarcastic edge. Best when used in a patronizing manner. Frequently used in the movie, Office Space.
"We're going to have to ask you to come in to work on Saturday... Mmm kay?"
Commonly used as an expression to show that you are uninterested in the topic being discussed and want the person to go away.
by mlg scrubs April 17, 2015
word used in response to someone being a thunder cunt. mmmkay means "fuck off, i have no interest in what you have to say bitch so shut the fuck up" perfect response(:
you- "thats the only person that makes me happy right now"

thunder cunt- "find someone else to hangout with, you stay over there one more time ill call protective services"

you- "mmmkay"

and you still do what you want because it sounds like okay but really youre saying hahah i do what i want so fuck off.
by breeannaaa March 30, 2010
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