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Mmm Sauce, is what guys use to explain what they did with their girls.

There are 3 types of sauce.

Sauce: Making out (tounge)

*Must last longer than 5 minutes*

Mmm Sauce: Making out (tounge, groping, feeling up, dry hump)
*Must last longer than 15 minutes*

Mmm Saucy Sauce: Sex
*Must last way longer than an hour*
Dude #1: Bro!

Dude #2: Yo!

Dude #1: I got some wicked sauce with my gf!

Dude #2: HA doesnt even compare to my wild night.

Dude #1: Oh really?

Dude #2: Yeah bro!! At first it was Mmm Sauce, but then it exploded into Mmm Saucy Sauce! Blew my mind. Crazy night.
by Dah SauceMan June 14, 2010
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