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Better than Kansas University
A.I heard the Mizzou tigers won yesterday 17 to 12

by unominus September 18, 2004
slang for Missouri University. Often associated with the athetic program or the school.
"Pepole from Mizzou are pretty smart."
"Hey, did you see that Mizzou football game against Iowa State on Saturday? Mizzou won 17-14."
by AJ November 28, 2004
The University of Missouri
Mizzou lost in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
by David Lichius March 13, 2004
An officially recognized nickname for Missouri's flagship state university, the University of Missouri (MU), located in Columbia, Missouri. The University of Missouri was formerly designated as the University of Missouri-Columbia, under the University of Missouri System,which includes UMSL and UMKC, but "Columbia" was dropped after a decision made in late 2007.

"Mizzou" is ubiquitously used to refer to the university's athletic teams and the name can also be used to refer generally to the entire city of Columbia.

The origin of the nickname is unknown, but the first recorded usage of the word occurred in an alumni publication in 1906. As the university was formerly known as Missouri State University, it is possible that "Mizzou" came from a pronunciation of "MSU."
"I am really glad that I decided to go to Mizzou for my undergrad."

"Mizzou obviously pours a lot of their budget into athletics."

"The parties I've been to at Mizzou have all been really crazy."
by 2NIC October 17, 2009
1. The university of Missouri

2. The state of Missouri
I see Mizzou pulled a surprise victory over Duke in the 2009 Sweet Sixteen.

Let's go to Kansas City on the mizzou side for a few days.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 26, 2009
Actually it's not a word, but a shout given by a group of fans who cannot spell Missouri.

These same fans think beating any ranked team is success. The fans have realized that their team is no where near ranked #1 in the NCAA Basketball Polls, even in the top 10, or just ranked.
MIZZOU's mascot is a striped pussy.
by spellinghawk February 19, 2010
Arrogant school who constantly bashes KU and thier sports team. But really, when was the last time MU has actually won anything...for any sport?
person2: seriously, have you guys ever won anything?
person2: .............
by imthetruth May 12, 2010

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