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The blue onepiece swimsuit's name in Japan.
She wore a mizugi.
by Mr Brewster & Mr Nolan August 27, 2008
Japanese term for a womans swimsuit, or bathing suit, in general. The term "Sukumizu" is used to refer specifically to the school swimsuits, which are generally one-piece and blue in color.

The two terms however should not be used equally however, as referring to an adult womans swimsuit as if it were a childs school swimsuit, would be quite insulting.
Ano mizugi wa, tottemo niaimasu yo.

That swimsuit really suits you!
by Blu_Haze September 04, 2009
A japanese word for swimsuit. It can be used for both males and females.
Ano mizugi ha kakoi desu.
That swimsuit is cool.
by Hubuki November 12, 2011