Japanese word for Water.

Also: Strange female being, dwelling in the southern United States. Wears painfully bright clothing, eats junk incessently, obsesses over certain Japanese horror movie characters (see Sadako). Reads too much manga for her own good. Emits strange phrases at random, usually to do with her own or others' spleens; is convinced that her own spleen is superior to the rest of Earth. Remains sure that she hails from the far-off planet Ishkrema, a planet which she often describes with disturbing detail. Steadfastly into pixel art. One freaky bitch.
"Hey Mizu! Get off the roof and put your pants back on!"
by Yamue January 16, 2006
Top Definition
The Japanese term for "water".

Also tagged to the end of Miaiko.
Miaiko no Mizu
by Kiyoko-chan November 13, 2008
Rather than simply "water" in Japanese, this word is practicly a title given to a person who cannot create something of it's own. THis person will have to live of other's ideas (or colors, Mizu) in order to exist. This is usually a result of a low self esteem (for explanation, /msg Niv XD), and will usually resort in lurking, heavy-leeching, stubborn refuse to reveal details on self, etc... However, this phenomena usually halts when reaching the age of 21, or after a 1 year period of army service.
Copycat, lurker, leecher, Little-Underaged-Lurking-Chinese-Girl.
by Tubi! ^_^ July 28, 2003

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