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That guy down the street who isn't married and washes his car on his front lawn every Saturday morning in his work boots, extra short cut off jean shorts and no shirt, with a big beer gut and a bad mullet and an extra hairy back.
Jen: Have you seen that Mizel down the street?
Emily: Yeah he totally gives me the creeps...
Jen: But kind of in a good way?
Emily: Yeah I'd let him butter my muffin...
Jen: I'd give him a blumpkin
Emily: Oooo, you're a dirty slut when it comes to Mizels
by Dump Truck October 04, 2007
23 14
Prospect, Nova Scotian term for "might as well"
Jeremy - The fa the fo fe wa who
Petey - lets get hammered
Jeremy - Mizel
by Nick Little September 13, 2008
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